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Chums Sunglasses

Chums floating retainer for eyeglasses or sun, glasses float. 8 count.

Chums Sunglasses Ebay

The Chums sunglasses are top-grade original cotton model, they are first-class substitute to keep your eyesight fresh and the sunglasses are beneficial alternative to handle as a riddle glasses. They are unequaled accessory for any outfit, looking for a pair of sunglasses that will let you do the job need of a sunhat? These Chums sunglasses are the right solution for you! They are adjustable cottonsunglasses' that will fit most skull sizes. The limited adjustability of these sunglasses means that you can expect them to last long on your skin, without needing to worry about your sunglasses becoming so big that it becomes a problem, looking for a comfortable and stylish surrogate to wear sunglasses? Look no more than Chums sunglasses! These sunglasses are made of neoprene and have a light weight that makes them comfortable and uncomplicated to wear. The adjustable sunglasses provide a good fit for each individual's face and the eyewear is retention material making it basic to wear, these sunglasses are all about fun and fun items! These fun sunglasses are about open-cell foam sung bowl that will keep you hunting good and keeping your eyes clear. The eyewear is manufactured from a neo-closed-cell material that is more sticky than air and will keep your eyes clear during hours of use.