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Bolle Acrylex Sunglasses

Looking for a unique and beautiful sunglasses set? look no further than the vintage bolle acrylex 396 gold mirror sunglasses black horn rimmed france set. These sunglasses are made with top-quality acrylex 396 gold mirror sunglasses black horn rimmed france and are a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Bolle Acrylex Sunglasses Amazon

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Bolle Acrylex Sunglasses Ebay

These sunglasses are a vtg bolle acrylex cat eye sunglasses matte black blue mirror and are rare france 396 nos. They are a great purchase at a great price. these sunglasses are made of acrylex, a type of glass that has been around since the 1800s. They are brown aviator-style sunglasses with a black frame. The lenses are a nice, thick black capital e series. They are set with a strong, full-sized brown set of lenses. The eyeshade is level, but a little heavy and wide. They tend to get a little hot in the sun, but that may be because they are very cold-weather-appropriate. They also have a small hole in the back for a card holder or phone charger. Overall, they might be a bit heavy for the hot summer months, but not so much as to cause any issues with public transportation. these vintage bolle acrylex glaciers are perfect for those cold winter days! The sunglasses have a french design and style and are perfect for either keeping you advantage against the cold or keeping you show more thesebolle sunglasses are a new style and style at that! They are a unique pair of sunglasses that is made out of acrylex, a high quality plastic that is often used in making glasses and other electronic devices. The eyesans are with tags nos which makes them even more unique. Thesebolle sunglasses are a great pair of sunglasses for any activity or wear them for day.